Designed wireframes, mockups and functional prototypes for web and mobile products focused on the automotive industry. Collaborated with developers, product managers and customers to create an optimal experience for multiple platforms. Conducted usability testing at conferences, customer's office and on-site.

Received three recognition awards, one as a team member and two as an individual.

Ask Ziggy | lead project manager / ux Designer

I was hired as the lead project manager focused on managing agile product development utilizing speech and NLP technologies. As a small startup, we didn't have a UX designer so I began designing wireframes to improve user experience and to keep design consistent in different platforms. I worked on projects for Dell, eBay, Verizon, Nvidia and

Worked on's alpha version of his smartwatch.

Runtriz | creative director

Responsible for developing original creative designs concepts and approaches for client hotel apps. Managed client relationship with all things related to creative demos and marketing/sales collateral. Lead multiple projects and app launches from concept to completion.

Designed iOS and Andriod apps for the Radisson Resorts and Hotels initial app launch.

Sound Marketing | UX/UI Designer / Product Manager

Worked with clients to develop product requirements for web and mobile applications. Wrote project specification to help determine costs and timeline. Designed sitemaps and wireframes using OmniGraffle. Designed UX/UI for multiple iOS and Andriod Apps.

Design Strawberries App that became a Staff Favorite receiving over 10,000 downloads the first week.

aerielle | eCommerce / Marcom Manager

Launched ecommerce site from start to finish designing wireframes, mockups, coding it in HTML and integrating shopping cart software Volusion. Managed SEO and marketing campaigns that improved our search rankings to Top 10. Managed trade shows and conferences to sell/market our products.

eCommerce website generated $20K in online sales in the first year of operations.

charles schwab | web producer

Responsible for publishing of web content on and promotional pages using two content management systems. Provided on time delivery of firm web priorities in a deadline driven environment. Worked with business stakeholders to complete project requirements, receive feedback and ensured quality assurance.

Worked with upper managment to launch College Planning Section on Schwab website.

apple | web designer / producer

Participated in early concepts, designing mockups for redesign launch of Collaborated with cross-functional teams to refine product requirements then translate them into user interface design. Worked with developers and engineers to develope the final product.

Designed mockups that were approved by upper management and reviewed by Steve Jobs.

Mobile Crossing | ecommerce manager

Managed company website with daily updates, customer support and sales. Responsible for designing websites and marketing collateral for GPS products. Liaison to resellers and distributors providing them with support, products and sales material.

Help launch the first Pocket PC-based personal digital assistants (PDAs) and navigation systems.

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Juan Juan

Product Designer